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A Family-Operated Farming Legacy

Decades ago, in South-Central Mexico's picturesque fields, my wife, Lupe Arellano, and I discovered our deep love for the land and farming. This affection remained steadfast when we relocated to Gilroy, California, 15 years ago, kicking off our farming journey with just one acre of land.

With the unwavering support and hard work of our cherished family, including our daughter Lally, and our dedicated employees who've become like family, we've expanded to 20 acres. We now grow a diverse array of fruits and vegetables that you can find at farmers markets throughout the county.

Our farm is deeply rooted in family heritage and traditions, and sustainability is non-negotiable for us. We proudly hold an organic certification, and every harvest is a labor of love, etching our story into the very soil. We invite you to explore our online shop or visit us at a local market to share in our family's passion and dedication to delivering the finest, farm-fresh flavors.

With gratitude,
Jose Nuñez and the Tu Universo Family